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Let’s talk about stock images…

It’s enough effort to even write a blog. But to find a good image to accompany it can leave people tearing their hair out. Having a great photograph is actually really important. That means:

  • No pixelated images that are too low res for your blog

  • Something relevant to what you’re writing about

  • Thinking about your target audience and what will attract them to keep reading

So, where do you find great images for your blog?

1. Document as you go and take photographs as things happen in your business.

Use a good quality camera if possible. But, actually, the iPhone isn’t all that bad if that’s all you’ve got. Try and get pictures of people doing things, as opposed to just objects and landscapes. File the images on your computer with keywords/descriptive titles so you can search them later on.

2. Use stock images from the Internet

There are heaps of places to get good quality images in the absence of having the time or resources to take your own photos.

Be sure to read the fine print – check copyright and terms & conditions. But, there are lots of great websites out there, where you can get good quality images to use without (or with very few) restrictions.

My fave is Unsplash:

But here are some other websites to check out too:

If you do have a bit of a marketing budget, these two websites have a huge (and very diverse) range of stock images to suit any industry:

If there’s a great website you use for stock images that I haven’t listed – feel free to share in our FREE Facebook Group for businesses – ‘The Art of Content Marketing’. Click here to join now.

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